Gyldendal Publishers – Tales of the Unknown
Frankenstein characters image
Gyldendal homepage with illustionCollection of graphics produced for Gyldendal Publishers' web portal for 5th. grade english language education.

The theme on display is "Gothic tales" with 3 stories: "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", "Frankenstein" and "Count Dracula".

ponter to the left The Frankenstein characters.
Frankenstein The creature awakens image
"Frankenstein": The creature awakens ...
Dr. Jekyll characters image
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde": The characters.
Mr. Utterson confronts Mr. Hyde image
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde": Mr. Utterson confronts Mr. Hyde.
Dracula characters image
"Dracula": The characters.
At the graveyard image
"Dracula". At the graveyard: The dog approaches Lucy and Mina