About Raaskot:
More vision, less words
Raaskot is a Copenhagen based design studio specializing in graphic design, animation and illustrations for the interactive and printed media

We provide visual communication for
  • technological products
  • transportation,
  • finance,
  • education,
  • public information.

We strongly believe in a combined impact of graphic design, vision, motion, user interaction and words expresssing client ideas and new concepts for an audience of any nature.

Raaskot was etablished in 2001 by founder Mikael Skotting, curriculum vitae >>

Visual learning

Since 2/3 of your audience are visual learners using visual infographic design is a great idea. Adding motion boosts the impact significantly:

  • Even complex knowledge is presented in few seconds in an effective manner
  • Your visual statement will be available on any device, mobile or PC
  • Highly increased search engine results
  • Internet users just loves video: Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine

How we proceed:

  • Briefing and locating target audience => strategy
  • Concept and determining delivery platform
  • Budget stipulation and planning
  • Layout and initial markup => visual direction
  • Design development and implementation