SEAS/NVE Interaction design IP/TV (2003)
Interface design (UI/UX) for the FTH TV-box meeting the technological standards of the year 2003.

The interface was created to be manipulated by user via the remote control enabling her to change programmes, request movies and record shows - even sending emails and surfing the internet.

The designprocess involved constant testing on the device to establishing optimal:
  • readability and typograhic clearity
  • usability
  • fast interface update / extreme low file size
  • optimal use of small TV-format (640 x 480 px)
The design was made iteratively along the technical development in collaboration with the Nordija A/S engineering team i 2003

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML and CSS code.

A channel overview
"Video On Demand". Rent a movie via SEAS-NVEs broadband platform
Manage emails via the remote control.

Setting up user preferences